Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje
3 min readJul 9, 2020

In times of crisis, it’s important that we take time to reflect on various issues in order to break forth from stereotypes. It is no longer news that the COVID19 pandemic ravages many parts of the world, today. Young people must ensure that they maximize the opportunities of the time and commit to personal development. Participating in #MUN helps young people develop leadership skills in research, writing, public speaking, and problem solving.

There is an evolution of virtual #MUN conferences at this material time where young people can still challenge themselves and improve their professional skills, communication skills and global acumen. While some #MUN organizations have had to postpone their scheduled onsite conferences, others alternatively are hosting their #MUN conferences, virtually.

My message to you before you participate in a virtual #MUN conference either as an official or delegate is simple and clear; relax and let the conference pass through you. There is no point registering for a virtual #MUN conference if you will not set aside time to actively participate. It is a conference online and you must, equally, respect the online conference environment like you are in an onsite conference. Regardless of the external distractions in your space, you must concentrate and actively participate, undistracted.

Interestingly, a virtual #MUN experience is better experienced using the widest screen you have.

At a time when “Do It Yourself” activities are encouraged, be creative and innovate your placards and tags. Ahead of the virtual #MUN conference, get cardboards preferably white and colored markers to design your placards and tags with your country of representation nicely written. Go the extra mile to get yourself conference materials such as notepads, pen and a flag of your country of representation to place in your work station. As a Chair, the onus lies on you to improvise the gavel within your space. Maximizing the community platform is a great way to get the social experience of a virtual #MUN.

Be creative and change the environment within your space or even outside your space for particular committee sessions. No doubt, this is conditioned on your budget. Do your research! Compliment your virtual #MUN experience by studying extensively about your country of representation to get greater depth. The knowledge garnered here would be valuable in writing your position paper ahead of the conference.

My dear MUNer, the beauty of attending a virtual #MUN or onsite #MUN as the case maybe is finding the earliest opportunity to apply new skills (which have been) horned. Strive to become a better person, each day. As an ardent MUNer, you should have sound knowledge of local and global issues.

The best virtual #MUN experience is achieved when you invest in fast internet.

Distinguished, you do not want to be frustrated with slow internet when you are trying to defend the interest of the country you are representing or voting for or against a draft resolution. As a member of the Dais in the General Assembly, you do not want to be frustrated with slow internet when you are ruling a delegate out of order. Additional, be a master of the #MUN registers and apply each principle at the right time. Get along with your committee members and work through the process of drafting your resolutions, together. The ability to work together, in a team, is germane for an amazing committee experience.

These are my own professional advice — as a Thought Leader who has worked on Model United Nations issues — as an organizer of a #MUN conference, official and delegate in Africa. It does not mean that these are the only tips; rather, they are part of the mix of what should be considered if your virtual #MUN experience is to be as exciting as intended.

In conclusion, demonstrate open mindedness all through your virtual #MUN experience. Remember, attitude is everything! I hope this has been helpful. See you in my next post when I will be writing on — “Before you organize a virtual #MUN conference”.




Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje

Ifeoluwa is one of Africas’ and Nigerias’ iconic model to watch in leadership. He presently serves as the Head of Communications, BIMUN Nigeria.