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The Officials Application is your first opportunity to sell yourself to #BIMUN Nigeria, a #MUN conference in Africa fast redefining the essence of #MUN. I have observed intricately and intimately the wrong approach of applicants to this application in time past and I am optimistic this narrative will change with these few tips geared towards making you to get it right and secure a place as an Official at #BIMUN.


The views expressed in this piece are entirely mine and do not in any way represent the views of the Babcock International Model United Nations (BIMUN) Nigeria. I take full responsibility for the views expressed here.



L-r: Ms. Atinuke Ayowole, Secretary-General BIMUN 2018; Prince Agbata, President of the General Assembly BIMUN 2018 and Mr. Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje, Under Secretary-General Communications and Public Information BIMUN 2018

First of all, please do not provide false information. You must demonstrate high level of integrity with the substance of information that you will provide and should detail your MUN experience, skills, MUN achievements and leadership abilities.

Your answers to the ‘MUN Experience’ section should not be more than 100 words. It is important for you to read the instructions on the BIMUN website carefully and adhere to them as you apply to be an Official. The BIMUN Officials Application System will not ask you to specify which Official position you desire. Thorough screening will be done and positions like Chair/President, Director/Vice President, Clerk and Rapporteur will be assigned you based on the competencies demonstrated in your application. It is advisable to fill in your most recent institution.

For your ‘Committee Preference’, you are required to fill in your most preferred committee. Please check the BIMUN website and read about the committees to be simulated at BIMUN 2020 Conference especially with the recent announcement of BIMUN Nigeria to simulate the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). It will be in your best interest to read more about this.


Q: Explain the reason behind your Committee Preference Choice. (100 Words)


1. Your reason for choosing the committee, why it will benefit you and why they should select you (Research the committee you are applying for carefully and tailor your answer to suit the committee)

2. Ensure you keep to the word count.

3. Attempt question first in a word document so as to put your thoughts together and be coherent in your answers.

4. Make sure you state at least two reasons for your answer.

5. Leave a very good impression and show value for the BIMUN brand.

Q: List MUN experiences (conference, role (delegate/official/observer/volunteer/crises team) country represented if a delegate and committee.


1. State a comprehensive list of MUN Conferences you have attended in the past. (Attendance in any previous BIMUN Conferences especially either as a delegate or an official is an added advantage. Be proud about this and let it be clearly stated).

2. Perhaps you have never attended any BIMUN Conference before and you are applying to be an Official your chances are very slim but you must demonstrate good knowledge of the Rules of Procedure and leadership responsibilities in previous MUNs you have attended.

3. On the flip side, if you do not have any MUN experience whether at other MUN conferences or BIMUN in particular, do not apply at all. This Officials Application is not for you. If you apply, the BIMUN application system will wield out your application automatically. Kindly proceed to apply as a delegate. See link below:


4. Having attended over 50 MUN Conferences in any capacity at all is never an advantage during the screening processes; do not be deterred because you have just a few to your credit.

5. Having an imposing profile of countries, you have visited to attend MUN conferences is never an advantage during the screening processes; do not be deterred you have never left the shores of your home country.

6. Your competencies and loyalty to the BIMUN brand counts more while applying to be an Official at BIMUN.

Q: Tell us about your prior achievements and the skills you possess, that in your opinion, will help you to perform successfully as a Chair. (100 Words).


1. Here you are to talk about your MUN achievements as an Official in previous MUN conferences.

2. Make reference to the topics deliberated upon in that committee you chaired or were a member of the dais.

3. State if your resolution passed at the General Assembly. If you have a history of a resolution that failed to pass, state the reason why it didn’t pass (Your knowledge of this is a plus and shows you are well read on the Rules of Procedure).

4. However, if you have to your credit accumulated record of failed resolutions, your chances are very slim. Be honest with your failures and set backs, they do not define you.

5. Highlight your skills and explain how your skill set is suitable for the Officials role you are applying for. It is expected that these skills will help you perform successfully as a Chair or member of the Dais.

6. For this question, mention at least two (2) achievements and five (5) skills. Adhere strictly to the word count.

These are my own professional advice as a thought leader who has worked on Model United Nations issues as an organizer of a MUN conference, official and delegate in Africa. It does not mean these are the only guidelines but only part of the mix of what should be considered if your Officials Application is to be a success as intended.

In conclusion, demonstrate passion, enthusiasm and positive mind set all through your Officials Application. No personal criticisms or sad tales. In the concluding part of this piece, I will be giving hints on the last two questions and ultimately telling you what you should pay attention to. I hope this has been helpful. See you in my next post.

Good luck!



Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje

Ifeoluwa is one of Africas’ and Nigerias’ iconic model to watch in leadership. He presently serves as the Head of Communications, BIMUN Nigeria.