Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje
3 min readJan 26, 2020

My dear MUNer, the concluding part of this piece will essentially give hints on the last question and ultimately tell you what you should pay attention to. In the last piece, we talked about what you should include while crafting an outstanding Official’s Application for #BIMUN or any other #MUN, if you missed it, catch up here:


The views expressed in this piece are entirely mine and do not in any way represent the views of the Babcock International Model United Nations (BIMUN) Nigeria. I take full responsibility for the views expressed here.

Q: Several delegates are making out of line proposals or trying to undermine your authority as a Chairperson, how do you deal with such problems?


From experience, this question poses the greatest challenge to previous applicants and it is the easiest to answer. Your knowledge of the Rules of Procedure is being tested here. Your ability to manage a large MUN committee is being tested here. Your ability to teach the delegates correct application of the Rules of Procedure is being tested here.

Your leadership abilities are being tested here. Your dexterity in conflict resolution and consensus building is being tested here. Your problem-solving skill is being tested here. Your ability to work together with the members of the Dias (team building) is being tested here.

In addition, you should also consider using the STAR technique while answering this question.

1. Describe the Situation

2. Explain the Task

3. Describe the Action you took

4. Highlight the Result


  1. A very interesting Cover Letter and CV; this is the second step in the application process and you need to create a good impression with these documents. If you need to review your CV to suit #MUN demands please do. Your #MUN CV should be different from conventional CVs you send out for job applications. You should have a section in your CV that is captioned ‘MUN Experience’. Your ‘MUN Experience’ is NOT your ‘Work Experience’. Your ‘MUN Experience’ is more important than your ‘Work Experience’. Your CV shouldn’t be more than a page and half.

2. Your answers to the questions need to flow from one sentence to the other and paragraph to the next. Your sentences must be coherent.

3. It is important you demonstrate you have a clear understanding of what it entails to be an Official at a #MUN conference. Applying because you are a #MUN enthusiast is not a smart justification. Avoid verbosity and be concise.

4. Only include details and sentences that enhances your chances of being selected as an Official. The need to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation cannot be overemphasized.

These are my own professional advice as a thought leader who has worked on Model United Nations issues as an organizer of a #MUN conference, official and delegate in Africa. It does not mean these are the only guidelines but only part of the mix of what should be considered if your Officials Application is to be a success as intended. I will be back next month with a fresh topic. Until then, thanks for following and sharing.




Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje

Ifeoluwa is one of Africas’ and Nigerias’ iconic model to watch in leadership. He presently serves as the Head of Communications, BIMUN Nigeria.