It is important — here — at the beginning of your Model United Nations experience to briefly answer the question, “How do I make the most of #MUN conferences?” Whilst in Secondary School, my School Administrator, of blessed memory, would always say:

“If you can think it, if you can conceive and perceive it, you can achieve it”.

- Ajibola Sosanya

As a Thought Leader who has worked on #MUN issues in the capacity of an organizer of an #MUN conference, official and delegate in #Africa, one thing I have found to be consistently true is that: deep down, young people want to express their innate potentials and horn-in essential skills. Interestingly, this energy can be deployed either in the positive or negative. #MUN conferences clamour for the maximization of such energy towards positive activities and this is one great advantage.

“Young people attend #MUN conferences for different reasons; #MUN conferences mean different things to different people”.

With great certainty, I have encountered young people who were attending #MUN conferences for the frivolities and did not think it was possible for them to make the most of such experience-based conferences.

“The potential for greatness lies within me, but success will come to me only If I make up my mind on what I want!”

At this point in your life, what does attending #MUN conferences mean to you? If you had the opportunity to be in a room of young people from each country of the world and you were saddled with the responsibility of proffering solutions to a particular world problem, would you be able to make a long-lasting impression? If you had one minute to propose a mind-boggling idea to the richest man in the world, would you be able to sell yourself and that idea appropriately? How much more when you are a delegate in an #MUN conference where you can explore opportunities and express yourself? #MUN conferences avail you with a wide range of opportunities to become an active and more concerned global citizen. You are trained to emerge as global game-changers, front-liners and trailblazers.

Let’s examine how to make the most of #MUN conferences:

  1. Expand your knowledge on the workings of the United Nations.
  2. Learn vital skills in negotiations.
  3. Learn problem-solving skills.
  4. Be adept in public speaking.
  5. Learn consensus building and conflict-resolution.
  6. Learn research and communication skills (research done before and during the simulation).
  7. Network! Network!! Network!!!
  8. Share ideas on how you can bring your aspirations into reality with like-minded people.
  9. Lend your voice on global issues.

Intentionally, develop yourself during intensive training and simulation sessions on international politics and diplomacy from experienced and renowned diplomats and ambassadors.

#MUN conferences are great, and #MUN organizers are doing their best to keep it that way for us!



Ifeoluwa is one of Africas’ and Nigerias’ iconic model to watch in leadership. He presently serves as the Head of Communications, BIMUN Nigeria.

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Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje

Ifeoluwa is one of Africas’ and Nigerias’ iconic model to watch in leadership. He presently serves as the Head of Communications, BIMUN Nigeria.